The Knight and the Seer

The Knight and the Seer by Ruth Langan

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Ruth Langan

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by Ruth Langan
Harlequin Historical
October 2003
ISBN #0-373-29278-3
$5.25 U.S. / $6.25 Can.

Friend Or For?

Arriving home, warrior Andrew Ross discovered his castle ravaged by fir, his father and all who lived within its walls dead. Yet alive amidst the carnage was a woman with the face of an angel who claimed to have special powers. Had Andrew's enemy sent her to destroy him - or could she do as she claimed and wield her magic to uncover his enemy?

Gwenellen Drummond had always struggled to control the mystical powers that ran in her family - until a spell gone awry brought her to the aid of a fierce Highland laird out for vengeance, and her true gift was revealed. But would she win Andrew's love and trust in time to save his clan . . . and his shattered soul?


"So, They left one of their number behind. Prpeare to die, woman."

   "I am Andrew Ross and the is my castle. Tell me quickly who you are and what you do here."
   "My name is Gwenellen. My home is in a land known as the Mystical Kingdom."
   That had him releasing her and taking a step back. "I've heard of such a place. All Highlanders have heard the tale. But it is no more than a myth."
   "If it be a myth, than I am one, as well, but I assure you, sir, I am real."
All too real, Andrew thought as he was forced to absorb a strange rush of heat that nearly seared his flesh. He pulled away as though burned and looked down to see if she'd left a mark on him. Though his skin was without blemish, he could still feel the tingling all the way to his fingertips. "How do you come to be here? Have you brought witchcraft to this place?"

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