The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans by Kate Holmes

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Kate Holmes

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Shape Shifters

by Kate Holmes
Love Spell
ISBN #0-505-52383-3
$5.99 U.S. / $6.99 Can. / $12.95 Aus.

What do Women want?

King Richard had had it with frivolous females filling his ears with their foolishness. Yet for all his castles and dragon-slaying, he still needed a wife. Perferably one who wouldn't plague him with womanly whining. One who knew when to shut up. So why not lay claim to the sweetly saucy - and utterly silent - wench he encountered in an enchanted forest?

A man who really listens!

Princess Arianne had had it with meddling males making her life miserable. When her twelve brothers angered an ogre, she was the one stuck spinning nettles into shirts to save them from eternal servitude as swans. And she had to complete the task in total silence! To make matters worse, along came chatty King Richard, wanting to bed her, wanting the wed her. Rugged Richard made her virginal knees weak. But could even a king know a woman's mind - without her speaking it?

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