Touch Not The Cat

Touch Not The Cat by Tracy Fobes

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Tracy Fobes

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Shape Shifters

by Tracy Fobes
ISBN 0671024671
$6.50 US / $8.50 Can.

Out of the swirling mists of the Scottish Highlands . . .

The wild Highland lass whose outdated dress and clan tartan incites gossip and speculation among London society carries an astonishing secret. Catherine McClelland knows that the curse plaguing her family must set her eternally apart from the world. She dares not marry, for if any man were to learn the truth of what she's so carefully hidden, the cost could be her life. Yet she has little choice when her father suddenly blackmails Nicholas, duke of Efington, into marriage with her in a desperate attempt to break the curse.

Against the backdrop of the moonlit moors, Nicholas and Catherine are drawn to each other with a fervent desire. And yet Nicholas senses a mystery lurking beneath her green-eyed beauty that could tear them apart. As he comes closer to understanding the curse, menacing forces and stubborn beliefs threaten both their lives. Haunted by an inexorable legend, they feel its darkness closing in like a cold Highland mist, a darkness only their love can banish forever....


Carrying her easily, Nicholas climbed the staircase and strode into her bedchamber.

    "Put me down, Nicholas. I am perfectly capable of walking." Catherine struggled in his arms. He was difficult to resist, but resist she must, or risk everything she cherished.
    "Easy, ma petite," he murmured, his choice gentle. "Do not fight me."
     He laid her down upon the counterpane and, tightening his arms around her, he kissed her, the tip of his tongue caressing her lips, then sliding inside, probing, tangling with her own, intol an ache of pleasure scattered every sensible thought she possessed but one.
    A moan slipped past her lips.
    Something about the sound must have worried him, for he smoothed her hair. "Fear me not, Catherine. I will not hurt you."
    With a surge of strength she clutched his shirt. "Leave, I say. I do not want you here. GO!"
    Rather than answer, he kissed her again, his lips warm, persuasive, building, eyes closed in unwilling surrender.
    Too late.
    Now he would see . . .

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