Touch of the Wolf

Touch of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon

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Shape Shifters

by Karen Whiddon
Silhouette Nocturne
March 2007
ISBN #0-373-61759-3
$5.25 U.S. / $6.25 Can.
Series - The Pack

Primal Mating Instinct

One look and shape-shifter Lucaine Herrick knew. Mate. The urge to claim the woman for himself was instant. Yet he could not, He'd come to a tiny Texas town in search of a myth - a halfling healer who had no idea that Pack blood ran in her veins, or that she was the only being in generations with the power to heal shape-shifters with her touch. And if what he suspected about Samantha Warren was true, his people needed her too much for Luc to claim her as his own.

But someone else watched Samantha from the shadows. And soon, claiming Samantha might not be Luc's forbidden desire, but his only choice for protecting her life.

Even if you haven't read the rest of the Pack books 'Touch of the Wolf' holds a very romantic story all it's own.


The kiss started deep, shattering her self-control . . .

    Samantha knew then that she wanted to make love to this man, fast and furious, slow and sensual, both ways, all ways . . .
    Luc made a sound low in his throat. The rumbling growl didn't sound completely human.
    She open her eyes and blinked. Thousands of glittering fireflies suddenly swirled in a frenetic dance before her face. No. Not possible. She backed away.
    Surrounded by flickering light, Luc made another sound, an animal cry, and tore away into the woods.
    Despite her fear, Sam followed. The snow was deep enough that she could step into his tracks. Turning a slow circle, she realized the footprints stopped . . . and animal tracks appeared. Wolf prints.
    A snuffling noise made her turn. A majestic, pewter-colored wolf waited.

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