Waiting For The Wolf Moon

Waiting For The Wolf Moon by Evelyn Vaughn

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Evelyn Vaughn

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by Evelyn Vaughn
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51189-2
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - The Circle

Under a raging moon

Nobody had to tell Sylvie Peabody some things were beyond understanding. After all, she was a witch of uncommon power. But even she was powerless to explain the nightmare that gripped the town of Stagwater whenever the full moon approached. Was it really possible that a werewolf was stalking the Louisiana night?

And was it coincidence the horror had begun when the mysterious Rand Garner bought that old estate on the edge of town? Sylvie knew she must not fall prey to his lethal charm and animal grace. Yet nothing could keep her from him - not even her rising terror . . .

The Circle: Four friends, four magical gifts, four loves to last eternally.

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