Wedding Spell

Wedding Spell by Donna Fletcher

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Doanna Fletcher

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by Donna Fletcher
Jove Magical Love
ISBN #0-515-12482-6
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

For centuries, an enchanting witch has been searching for true love. But now, time is running out - and if she doesn't find her soul mate, it could mean the end of her powers...

Bewitching Alisande Wyrd cannot live without love. In fact, it is the source of her magical powers, the key to her very survival. But after spending three hundred years alone, her spells are growing weaker.

Only one powerful man can satisfy Alisande's capricious heart. A man courageous enough to work a little magic of his own. But to catch him, Alisande must partake in a dangerous game of magical seduction. A witchery so strong that if she's not careful, she risks losing more than her immortal powers - she also risks losing her heart...

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