Whispers By the Sea

Whispers By the Sea by Julie Palella

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Julie Palella

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by Julie Palella
Publish America
March 2005
ISBN 1413742157
$24.95 US

Not only is Katherine Doyle grieving over her div-orce, she's also grieving the loss of herself after nineteen years of trying to be someone she isn't. With her daughter in college and an opportunity to lease a cottage in Ireland for one year, Katherine takes it. On a journey to find herself, her passion and most of all her self-confidence, Katherine finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery and in contact with a nice old spirit named Aunt Lolly who occupies the cottage on the rocks by the sea. Katherine is torn when she meets Shawn Cullen Murphy, a fisherman from Brittas Bay, who seems to be attracted to her. Is it because he believes she is the only one who can finally solve the murder of his wife? Twists and turmoil unfold as Katherine learns secrets about the cottage, Shawn Cullen Murphy and even herself.

'Whispers by the Sea' by Julie Palella is a good old Irish love story, but with a twist. There are ghosts, a Merrow, Fairy tales and even a case of murder, not to mention a confused heroine and a devastatingly handsome hero. Tis filled with Irish humor and is a truly enjoyable page-turner. Thank You Julie Palella for sending We Really Dig Romance Novels this book to read.

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