Whispers in the Woods

Whispers in the Woods by Helen R. Myers

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Helen R. Myers

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by Helen R. Myers
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51202-3
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Deep in the forest . . .

The deserted estate in remote northwestern Maine might have seemed foreboding, but it would be a refuge for Paloma St. John. There, she would be alone with her only friends - the gentle animals she'd rescued from her own uncle's cruel scientific experiments.

But Paloma wasn't alone. There was a presence in the woods beyond the compound gates, a presence that reached into her mind, invaded her every thought, left her trembling with fear . . . and something more. Passion.

Was he protector - or predator? Savage - or savior? Whispers in her thoughts and dreams courted her in another realm, while the voice of her heart beckoned him forward. And so Paloma waited, with longing - and with dread . . .

For something different in a paranormal romance this is the book. It has definitely been added to our favorites list.


"I feel what you feel, Paloma. Your thoughts are mine.

    "In the darkest hours of the night, our dreams join and become as one."
    That seemed to reach her. Her sobs calmed to ragged, shallow breaths, however, she continued to hold him tight.
    "That's true, isn't it?" she whispered, shifting to gaze up at him. "I'd begun to wonder if I wasn't losing my mind."
    "It's a strange phenomenon," Dundrogo agreed.
    She eased farther back to search his eyes. "How can this be?"
    "I don't know." Ever so carefully, because he knew too well the strength of his touch and the sharpness of his claws, he wiped away the tears still slipping from beneath her long lashes. "I only know it is."

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