Whispers on the Wind

Whispers on the Wind by Donna Fletcher

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Donna Fletcher

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by Donna Fletcher
ISBN #0-515-120294-0
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

Her eyes instantly focused on the mantel. She gasped and the candlestick she held fell from her hand and with a whoosh extinguished the flame.

Lord Maximillian Radborne stood in all his splendor and glory, his arms resting negligently on the mantel, his sea-colored eyes intent on her, his starkly handsome features even more striking than his portrait - if that was possible. . . He was without a doubt a magnificent ghost.

The death of an English lord made Belinda Latham the sole Heir to a haunted estate in Cornwall. Billie's adventurous spirit guided her across the sea - to the imposing manor of the late Mazimillian Radborne, a local hero who had inspired passion in women, loyalty in men, and respect among the villagers. His restless ghost lived up to Billie's expectations - and filled her nights with unearthly pleasures. But when the local vicar asked for her hand in marriage, Billie would have to choose between the quiet, gentle man - or the ghostly lord who unleashed her deepest desires. . .

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