Wolf in Waiting

Wolf in Waiting by Rebecca Flanders

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Rebecca Flanders

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Shape Shifters

by Rebecca Flanders
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51212-0
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - Heart of the Wolf

Forbidden Lovers

He was the standard against which all others were measured - the strongest, the smartest, the sexiest and the most noble kind: Noel Duprey, whose birthright forbade him even look Victoria St. Clare's way, for his destiny would never allow him to take her as his bride.

Furthermore, Noel believed she was a traitor, out to destroy his legacy - out to destroy him. But all she was really after was his heart . . .

Within a few souls, the Heart of the Wolf beats fierce and wild. Feel  them, fear them, tame them . . .

As with the other Heart of the Wolf books this is well worth putting on the Favorites list.


    "Let me make sure I understand..."

Victoria could barely keep from gaping at Noel. "You don't like me. You don't trust me. You suspect me of being, at best, a St. Clare spy, at worst of being the traitor I'm supposed to help you find. You don't think I'm qualified for the job. And yet you are prepared to take me into your confidence regarding the most sensitive matter the company has faces in decades?"
    "I didn't say that. I said I would work with you, Victoria."
    She swallowed back a hot retort, "Do you mind if I ask exactly what you expect me to do?"
    Noel returned with no hesitation whatsoever, "Whatever I tell you to."

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