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Contemporay Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels
~ Contemporary Novels ~

~ These are the days of Chaos, Catastrophe and Courtship for We Really Dig Contemporary Romance Novels as we try and figure out who has Amnesia and watch as Babies steal the show. Make sure you take your wallet so we don't miss those Bachelor Auctions, hopefully one will be a Cowboy. On the way out the door we'd better pay for the Mail Order. There is Intrigue Mystery and Suspense for the Matchmaker who will make a Protector a Military Marriage-of-Convenience. Opposites Attract which makes for Mistaken / Switched Identity of Single Parent Royalty. Office Romance sometimes leads to Pretending - Engagement / Lover / Marriage. Hopefully at the end of the day there are some Weddings or Other to see.

Historical Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels
~ Historical Novels ~

~ For Earlier Times of Merriment, Mayhem and Romance
For Earlier Times of Merriment, Mayhem and Romance partner up with We Really Dig Historical Romance Novels as we take a trip to American and then head west. We'd better have a guide to make sure we don't run into any hostile Native Americans. If we decide to change course we can travel across the seas to England, Scotland and other places of interest.

Other Worldly (Paranormal) Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels
~ Other Worldly (Paranormal) Novels ~

~ Embrace the darkness and Take a walk on the wild side
Aliens have come to visit and We Really Dig Other Worldly Romance Novels would like you to go with us for a walk on the wild side, we'll have to be careful of Angels and Fairy Godparents playing Cupid with the Warlocks and Witches. Then again the Elves and Genies are Magicians too and be wary of the Werewolf Shape Shifters. And watching over them all are the Vampires and anything else that will be here for the Futuristic tales.

Time Travel Novels you will find in section of We Really Dig Romance Novels
~ Time Travel Novels ~

~ Take a journey of a lifetime - Watch people as they move through time to their destined loves
Don't mind the clock, time has no meaning for true love so join We Really Dig Time Travel Romance Novels as we slip through time across The High Seas to England and Scotland of the middle-ages and 18th century, or anywhere in between. We should hire a guide for 19th century England and Scotland or take an old-fashioned boat trip to America and tour the West of the 1800's. We could just hop back to the 20th century. For something different we could stay in the present or spend our time half now and half then, or see what the Future holds.

~ Series / Connected ~ Imagine reading a good book and at the end wonder if there was a book starring one of the side characters, or have you ever figured out that you just read the last book of a three book series and wondered what the first two were named? We started this page because we have followed series or found connected books that let the story go on or told us the beginning.

~ Favorite Books ~ Just a few of our favorites at the moment.

"When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." - Erasmus
Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. - Groucho Marx

~ Recommended Books ~ We asked what you would recommend and some have told us.

~ Books - New to us ~ Last but not least, in this section of our site we have been told by the authors what books have been recently released or soon to be released into stores.