A Knight in Shining Armor

A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux

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Jude Deveraux

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1/2 Present / Past

by Jude Deveraux
ISBN #0-671-70509-1
$4.95 U.S. / $6.95 Can.

Abandoned by a cruel fate, lovely, thoroughly modern Dougless Montgomery lay weeping upon a cold tombstone in an English church. Suddenly, as if in answer to her prayers, the most extraordinary man appeared.
He was Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck... and according to his tombstone he had died in 1564. Tall, broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, he was magnificent. Drawn to his side by a bond so sudden and compelling it overshadowed reason. Dougless knew that Nicholas was nothing less than a miracle: a man who would not seek to change her, who found her perfect, fascinating, just as she was.
Yet she could not imagine how strong were the chains that tied them to the past... or the grand adventure that lay before them...

I'd read a few contemporary and historical before I got a hold of this one but after reading this book I made time travel my favorite. If you read no others this is a time travel not to be missed.

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