A Knight to Cherish

A Knight to Cherish by Angie Ray

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Angie Ray

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England (TT)

by Angie Ray
Jove Time Passages
ISBN #0515125679
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

Southern California, 1998. Young, prim Francine Peabody has everything she wants - a polite, responsible fianc? a safe, secure accounting job ... and a future with no surprises. That is, until an eccentric old neighbor gives her a magical charm which propels her back in time...

England, 1214. Trapped in a brutal time, Francine sets out to change her new world for the better. But to do that, she must first overcome Lord Garrick - brave but barbaric knight who sees her more as a nuisance than as a woman. Now, Francine must not only civilize a savage land, but control her own savage passions toward Garrick - who has sworn never to fall in love... with anyone!

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