A Love For All Time

A Love For All Time by Sandra Davidson

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Sandra Davidson

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Sandra Davidson
ISBN #0-8217-4044-X
$4.25 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

Prisoner of his passion

From the moment she first stood beside the ancient tombstone, Summer Winslow was haunted by tantalizing visions of Colonel John Hawke - a man who had lived more than two centuries ago. Then, Summer suddenly found herself swept back in time to witch-burning Massachusetts ... and the darkened bedroom of a magnificent estate. She turned ... and walked straight into John Hawkes's virile embrace. Trapped in another era, a prisoner of his endless desires, Summer knew his fevered kisses were her destiny, his ardent caresses her fate. Even if she had to change the course of history, she would find a way to lie in his arms ... for always.

Captive of her love

The instant she stumbled into his waiting arms, John Hawke knew that at last he'd found the bewitching, silken-skinned beauty who'd consumed his dreams for many a night. A wanton enchantress, she tempted him with her sensuous smile and satiny flesh, enticed him with the promise of endless nights of rapture. Neither a world on the brink of war nor even history itself would ever come betweel him and the woman who had enflamed his passions ... and stolen his heart. She would be his, he vowed ... until the end of time!

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