A Love Out of Time

A Love Out of Time by Rick Adkins

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Rick Adkins

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Rick Adkins
ISBN 0595366821
$14.95 U.S.

The secret of time travel has finally been discovered.

Through a series of extraordinary events, Matt Collins, a 21st century man, is given the opportunity to visit 1896 for a short time. His goal: to locate and bring home the son of a friend, who vanished while conducting research in that era. While there, he meets the girl of his dreams - but the dream soon turns into a nightmare when he discovers she is destined to die soon.

To attempt to change the past and save her could alter his own future - or destroy it. To let her die is unthinkable. As the time draws near for his final chance to return to the 21st century, Matt must make some difficult decisions that could mean life or death for some of those around him.

Can his rescue mission succeed? Can he protect his new-found love without altering his own future? And can he get back to his own time or will he be trapped in the past forever?

Time is running out, both for the woman he loves and for his return to the present.

Rick Adkins' first attempt at a fictional novel is a success. 'A Love Out of Time' is a great time travel experience full of intrigue, suspense, science and love. Matt Collins is a smart man interested in the past and is able to travel back to 1896. After he finds Amanda Caruthers, the rest, as the saying goes, is history. Thank You Mr. Adkins for sending We Really Dig Romance Novels this book to review.

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