Another Dawn

Another Dawn by Deb Stover

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Deb Stover

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Deb Stover
Zebra Splendor
ISBN 0-8217-6100-5
$4.99 US / $6.50 Can.

A Woman Lost in Time . . .

When she awoke from the horrendous explosion her memory was gone. The bracelet she wore said "Sofie," and the young priest who pulled her from the wreckage was insisting she was a doctor. But how did she get there? And how could she be so attracted to a man of the cloth? Maddeningly handsome and irresistibly virile, Luke Nolan made her ache for a sensual heaven that had nothing to do with the hearafter.

A Man With One Last Hope . . .

An innocent man condemned to die, Luke Nolan had been saved from death by the devil's own luck. Jolted from a state-of-the-art twentieth century electric chair, he'd been blasted back in time to 1891 and the mining town of Redemption, Colorado, along with the beautiful doctor who had wept at his execution. Disguised as a priest, Luke would head for freedom. But what was freedom without Sofie, the woman who held the key to his salvation . . . and to his wild, lonely heart.

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