Another New Year's Eve

Another New Year's Eve by Phyllis Houseman

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Phyllis Houseman

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20th c.

by Phyllis Houseman
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN 0-373-16659-1
$3.75 U.S. / $4.25 Can.

New Year's Resolution #1: Get Over Sam

Simple enough but not exactly easy for Eve Gray to deny her attraction to the devastatingly handsome - and very married - Sam Davidson. But before she even had a chance to try, midnight struck - and so did an earthquake.

When Eve awoke from a bump on the head, she found she'd been thrown three days in the past - and sexy Sam Davidson was kissing her! Either it was too much New Year's celebration . . . or somehow her dreams had collided with reality. But more importantly, how could she be sure it wouldn't change again at the stroke of midnight?


It was no longer midnight on New Year's Eve . . .

    That much Eve was sure of. She fought off a rising sense of panic, and tried to order her thoughts. No, she was in a parking lot, filled, as if this were an ordinary workday.
    I must have been the fall she'd taken. Had it caused her to lose some days? That was scary, but she could live with that, she decided, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. Instantly, a vision of herself in Sam's arms, his mouth tenderly closing on hers, assailed her. She could once again feel him, taste him, smell him . . .
    No! That couldn't have happened. It went against everything she knew about Sam - and herself.
    "I must have imagined that kiss because of the blow to my head," she told herself forcefully.
    But nothing imagined had ever felt so good . . .

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