A Reluctant Rogue

A Reluctant Rogue by Pam McCutcheon

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by Pam McCutcheon
Harlequin American Romance
ISBN #0-373-16696-6
$3.75 U.S. / $4.25 Can.

A Reluctant Rogue

Don't stare at his naked, to-die-for body
Avoid being enchanted by his roguish smile
Be sure he doesn't make your fiancee jealous

Marigold Boles had finally snagged "Mr. Safe," but her highbrow in-laws - make that out-laws - wouldn't allow their son to marry a step-descendant of the Old West stagecoach robber Charles Boles, a.k.a. Black Bart. Mari had no choice but to reform the rogue!

With help from an Arizona energy vortex, Charles traveled through time, only he arrived without memory - and clothes! How could Mari make an honest man out of him when he didn't remember being a scoundrel? Worse, when he returned to his own time, how could she ever forget the feel of his sexy kisses?


Mr. Safe (Jordan)

Takes me to Mom's for dinner
Gives me a peck on the cheek at the door
Can't lose

Mr. Sexy (Charles)

Wines and dines me at my favorite restaurants
Ravishes me with searing kisses that cause my knees to knock
Never stops surprising me, enchanting me
Can't win

Would a comfortable relationship be enough . . . ?

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