A Slip in Time

A Slip in Time by Kathleen Kirkwood

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Kathleen Kirkwood

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Scotland (TT)

by Kathleen Kirkwood
ISBN 0-451-40759-8
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

A Highland Chieftain

After a long captivity in England, dashing tartan-clad Rae MacKinnon returns to Dunraven Castle expecting to find a land torn by war, and a family divided by rivalries - not a mysterious woman who claims to be from a far-off time . . . the nineteenth century!

A Victorian Lady

An orphaned gentlewoman of marriageable age, Julia Hargrove has accompanied her aunts to a gala house party in Scotland. But her bedchamber in a castle reputed to be haunted becomes a place of disturbing dreams and wanton imaginings as a rugged Highland warrior suddenly materializes out of the shadows.

A Passion the would seal their destiny

Irresistible drawn into the centuries-old secrets of Dunraven, Julia believes she has slipped through a portal to the long-ago past. Now she searches for the key to this strange destiny, determined to embrace a man and a love stronger than ancient rivalries, treachery, and all the rules of time . . .


A Wild Dreaming . . .

Julia saw the hungry look kindle the Scotsman's eyes. He gathered her to him, drawing her up in his arms till they both knelt in the middle of the mattress, pressed together. Before she could protest, his mouth crushed down on hers, a searing, possessive kiss.
    His land slid down her spine to the hollow of her back, holding her firmly against him. The wool of his plaid rasped her tender flesh, but through its folds she felt the hard, shocking proof of his desire.
    Julia struggled to no avail as the Scotsman continued his aggression, parting her lips and invading her mouth. She started as his tongue lag and ravishing till her blood surged beneath his seduction.
    But as the heady kiss continued, the air turned heavy once more. Without warning, the Scotsman vanished from her arms, leaving her clutching this air. Julia tumbled back into the pillows panting for breath, while overhead the draperies dissolved from red into blue . . .

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