Beloved Warrior

Beloved Warrior by Judy Di Canio

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by Judy Di Canio
Love Spell
ISBN #0-505-52325-6
$5.50 U.S. / $6.50 Can. / $12.95 Aus.

Room For Rent

Jennifer Giordano wasn't looking for a hero, just a boarder to help make ends meet. But Dar was larger-than-life in every respect, and as her gaze traveled from his broad chest to his muscular arms, time stopped, literally. Her new tenant unsheathed a knife and shattered the face of her chiming grandfather clock. Then he diced up her beeping alarm clock, and Jennifer knew this hulking hunk with a magic mantle, crystal dagger, and pet dragon would never be the ideal housemate.

Heart Not Included

The Norse god treated her with an unexpected gentleness, even though he used her dining room furniture as kindling to barbecue her dinner. Jennifer had little time to mobilize her defenses. But as the Norseman with the disarming smile turned her house into a battlefield, Jennifer felt a more fiery struggle begin. Gazing into his twinkling blue eyes, she knew she could surrender to whatever the powerful warrior wished, for she'd already won the greatest prize of all: his love. 

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