Blue Moon

Blue Moon by Dawn Stewardson

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Dawn Stewardson
Harlequin Super Romance
ISBN 0-373-70383-X
$2.95 US

The year is 1862

Prospectors swarm over the Sierra Nevada, hunting for gold, desperados roam the range, and the Indians are on the warpath.

Dr. Henry Lockhart is so busy setting broken bones that he hasn't any time for women. Just as well. There's hardly a woman worth thinking about in the entire Nevada Territory.

Then Erica James appears out of nowhere. Erica is . . . different. She wears running shoes, totes around a contraption she calls a "video camera" and says she's from the future. From 1989, to be exact . . . .


Hank sat at his desk, listening

    He heard the rustle of Erica's dress dropping to the floor. Then he heard a splash. In the next room, on the other side of the closed kitchen door, Erica was in the tub. Hank swallowed hard.
    If only he knew what she wanted. Erica had said that is her world, in 1989, bathing with a man wasn't considered outrageous. So what was it considered? Did she want him to . . . did she expect him to . . .?
    There was only one way to find out. Hank pushed back his chair and rose. He forced himself to walk to the door, took a deep breath and knocked.
    "Erica . . . I was wondering if you'd like me to scrub your back."
    "I - I haven't got any clothes on, Hank."
    "I know."

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