Breath of Magic

Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros

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by Teresa Medeiros
ISBN #0-553-56334-3
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

An Exquisite Enchantress Lost In Time

Arian Whitewood hadn't quite gotten the hang of the powerful amulet she's inherited from her mother, but she never expected it to whisk her more than three hundred years into the future. Flying unsteadily on her broomstick, she suddenly finds herself among towers of glass and metal, then tumbling from the sky to land at the feet of a man with frost-gray eyes and a seemingly flint-hard heart.

A Skeptical Tycoon Out Of His Element

Reclusive billionaire Tristan Lennox didn't believe in magic, but he had his own reasons for offering one million dollars to anyone who could prove it existed. Now he finds himself besieged by fakes, frauds, and an old nemesis ready to leap on this opportunity to destroy him. But the smoky-voiced beauty who appeared to fall from the clouds into his climate-controlled existence is something else entirely - a woman able to enchant his lonely heart with wonder, but who can't possibly be what she seems...

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