Broken Wings

Broken Wings by Sylvie Kurtz

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Sylvie Kurtz

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20th c.

by Sylvie Kurtz
Love Spell
ISBN 0-505-52149-0
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can. / $9.99 Aus.

One Last Chance . . .

That's all Colin Castle had to prove to his father that he wasn't a total failure. But something went terribly wrong in what should have been a routine outing in an antique plane, and the rugged pilot found himself contending with a slip in time - and a beautiful woman from yesterday who threatened to forever haunt his dreams.

One Final Hope . . .

That's all Liesl Erhardt had to make good on a promise to fulfill her murdered fianc?s dream. And the mysterious Colin with his miraculous plane was an answer to her prayers. But when he descended from the clouds like a Greek god, the virile barnstormer made her heart do a barrel-roll. His strong pilot's hands could send her soaring to the heavens, but did the lonely beauty dare risk her heart to a gift from the skies?



Colin stood behind Liesl, his gaze seeking the horizan. "I understand more than you think." He folded his arms around her shoulders and pressed her against him. The heat of her felt good.
    Liesl turned in his arms, mouth open, staring, searching, Colin didn't want questions. He didn't have answers. Unconsciously, he swayed in time to an unfamiliar tune buzzing in his head. He tried to shake it away, but the melody stuck and played on like a record in a jukebox. His voice, humming the tune, echoed memories in the deep recesses of his brain. When he brought her head to his shoulder, she didn't fight him.
    "You don't know me at all." Liesl stood stiff in his arms, but didn't move away.
    "I know about the beauty mark on your right breast." His fingers confidently sought a spot on the navy wool covering her chest. Her head snapped up.
    "I've kissed the scar on you ankle," he continued. Her mouth formed "how," but no sound came out. "The old one Gr?er's mare made when she kicked you. I remember how long your hair was when we first met," he whispered. His hand flowed down to her waist, as if stroking silk. "You were only ten. I was twelve. So shy, so pretty, so fun to tease. I wanted you even then."
    His skin itched with unnatural sensitively. His heat stammered a panicked rhythm.
    "No . . ." Liesl shook her head. Her fingers pried his shoulder and tried to push away. As helpless as a drowning swimmer, Colin tightened his hold and resumed his humming. "Sing with me, Liesl. 'Let me show you where my heart lies. Let me prove that is adores . . . '" When the tune ended, he stopped swaying and shifted his hold to kiss her.

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