Bushwhacked Bride

Bushwhacked Bride by Eugenia Riley

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Eugenia Riley

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Eugenia Riley
Love Spell
ISBN #0-505-52320-5
$5.99 U.S. / $6.99 Can.

"Jumping Jehoshaphat! You've shanghaied the new schoolmarm!"

Ma Reklaw bellowed at her sons and wielded her broom with a fierceness that had all five outlaw brothers running for cover; it didn't take a PH.D. to realize that in the Reklaw household, Ma was the law. Professor Jessica Garrett watched dumbstruck as the members of the feared Reklaw Gang turned tail - one brother up a tree, another under the hay wagon, and one in a barrel. Having unceremoniously kidnapped by the rowdy brothers, the green-eyed beauty took great pleasure in their discomfort until Ma Reklaw found a new way to sweep clean her sons disreputable behavior - by offering Jessica's hand in marriage to the best behaved. Jessie had heard of shotgun weddings, but a broomstick betrothal was ridiculous! As the dashing but dangerous desperadoes started the wooing there was no telling what would happen with...

One bride for five brothers

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