Bushwhacked Groom

Bushwhacked Groom by Eugenia Riley

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Eugenia Riley

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20th c.

by Eugenia Riley
Love Spell
November 2004
ISBN #0-505-52588-7
$6.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.


When Cole Reklaw offered a prime parcel of ranchland to the first of his five children to marry and produce a grandchild, his beautiful, feisty daughter Molly vowed to beat out her older brothers. She headed for Reklaw Gorge - where her pa had once "bushwhacked" his future bride off a stagecoach - only to watch history repeat itself when that very vehicle came crashing into the gorge, bringing with it Molly's own dashing "hero" from across time, Lucky Lamont.


All Lucky Lamont had ever wanted was to get even with his tramp of a girlfriend for betraying him with his best friend. Instead he found himself hunted down, hogtied, thrown into a stagecoach, hurled into a ravine . . . only to land in the clutches of a hellcat who declared she would marry him, or else. Then Molly Reklaw goaded Lucky into a reckless kiss that soon resulted in a shotgun wedding! With the bride set on "doin' it" to gain the prize and the groom burning for revenge, could love find a way for both of them to win?


Hot and Bothered

    Her eyes were dark and luminous as midnight ponds. "W-what are you doing to me?"
    He grinned. "Maybe what you want me to do, darlin'?"
    "Please," she panted, "remove your hand."
    She was squirming, and Lucky relished it. "I don't think so," he replied huskily. "I'm your husband now and I'll do what I please."
    She shuddered. "You - you're trying to - "
    "Get you hot and bothered?" he offered. "Oh, yeah darlin'. Very hot and bothered."

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