Charming the Highlander

Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman

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Janet Chapman

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by Janet Chapman
ISBN #0743453069
$6.99 U.S.

She tried to resist him - but her own desires betrayed her

Transported 800 years into the future by a matchmaking wizard, Laird Greylan MacKeage and his men intend to rebuild their clan in the remote Maine woods. But adapting to the 21st century, and its women, is a challenge - as Grey discovers when the small plane he's on crashes.

The pilot dead, Grey takes charge and rescues two other passengers, a woman and baby. Yet Grace Sutter is no 12th century lass who'll take orders meekly. She's a scientist with a very strange secret - one that's hard to keep with this masterful hunk tempting her to surrender all.

Can a modern woman find love in the arms of a warrior from the past?

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