Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters by Amy J. Fetzer

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Amy J. Fetzer

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Amy J. Fetzer
ISBN #0-8217-5806-3
$5.50 U.S. / $7.00 Can.


Twentieth-century bounty hunter Victoria Mason plunges through a waterfall after a wanted man and finds herself in the Colorado of 1872. Even that won't throw her off the track of her quarry, a twisted psychopath who's threatened to kill again. But it's not as simple to fight her attraction to Christopher Waythorne, the local marshall whose hard-edged good looks and expert touch inspire long-suppressed desire.

From the intoxicating cascade of her gold and red hair to her straight shooting, Chris is captivated by the mysterious Victoria, and protective when he learns she is stalked by a murderer. And while the code of the West demands that he keep her safe from harm, Victoria's only hope of escaping from a whirlpool of danger and deception depends not on his protection, but his help in bringing a killer to justice.

Between yesterday and today, an old-fashioned lawman and a modern woman must work together, or risk their new-found love. . . and their very lives.

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