Frankly, My Dear

Frankly, My Dear by Sandra Hill

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Sandra Hill

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Sandra Hill
ISBN 0-8439-4042-5
$5.50 US / $6.50 Can / $9.95 Aus.
Cover Model - John DeSalvo

Lost in the Bayou

Selene had three great passions; men, food, and Gone With The Wind. But the glamorous model always found herself starving - for both nourishments and affection. Weary of the petty world of high fashion, she headed to New Orleans for one last job before she began a new life. Then a voodoo spell sent her back to the days of opulent balls and vixenish belles like Scarlett O'Hara.

Charmed by the Old South, Selene couldn't get her fill of gumbo, crayfish, beignets - or an alarmingly handsome planter. Dark and brooding, James Baptiste did not share Rhett Bulter's cavalier spirit, and his bayou plantation was no Tara. But fiddle-dee-dee, Selene didn't need her mammy to tell her the virile Creole was the only lover she gave a damn about. And with God as her witness, she vowed never to go hungry or without the man she desired again.

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