Here and Then

Here and Then by Linda Lael Miller

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Linda Lael Miller

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Linda Lael Miller
August 1992
ISBN #1-551-66304-X
$5.50 U.S.
Series - Beyond the Threshold

Rue Claridge's cousin, Elisabeth, had disappeared - evidently returning to an earlier era. Someone had to investigate, so intrepid globetrotter Rue donned a mysterious necklace that could catapult her over the threshold... into a different century.

And wild and woolly the Old West was - complete with a lean, lanky lawman hankering for a forward-thinking female. Spitfire Rue was the filly for Farley Haynes, and Rue, too, felt fated to wed the uncompromisingly masculine marshal. But would a bandit's bullet bury him in 1892, leaving Rue in widow's weeds... a century beyond the threshold?

Beyond the Threshold

Linda Lael Miller's romantic tales of love everlasting - in this century and the last. Rush to step over the threshold into a time when love stirred the soul

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