Love's Timeless Dance

Love's Timeless Dance by Vivian Knight-Jenkins

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Vivian Knight-Jenkins

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Scotland (TT)

by Vivian Knight-Jenkins
ISBN 0-505-51917-8
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

A Dance Through Time

The pressure from the company's upcoming show was driving Leeanne Sullivan completely insane. But the talented choreographer refused to believe she would be rehearsing a Scottish dance in her studio on minute - and in the seventeenth-century Highlands the next.

A Timeless Love

Whatever delusion she was suffering the feisty beauty began enjoying herself when a clansman tried to bend her will to his own. A liberated woman like Leeanne would have no problem teaching virile Iain MacBride a new step or two, and soon she'd have him begging for lessons in love.


Wild Land, Wild Love

    "For a moment, I'd imagined strangling you, but this is far more agreeable. I had no notion you could be so accommodating." Lids lowering, Iain glanced down the length of her body to her feet before his eyes returned to her face.
    Iain was so close that Leeanne could count the laugh lines around his eyes. So close she could feel his warm breath fanning her mouth. She moistened her lips. "I can't afford to be," she said in an oddly breathless voice.
    Iain was primal - like the land in which he lived, Leeanne thought. Primitive, sensual, and as impressive as the craggy bracken-and-heather-covered slopes that surrounded Glencoe, creating a natural fortress. As wild and powerful as the mist-capped mountains rising in the distance. In his eyes she saw reflected the noble blue of the Scottish sky, and the potential for things she'd considered impossible.

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