My Timeswept Heart

My Timeswept Heart by Amy J. Fetzer

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Amy J. Fetzer

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Middle Ages - 18th Century

by Amy J. Fetzer
ISBN #0-8217-4340-6
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

A sensual sprite sprung from the sea

Street-smart, Olympic-trained gymnast Tess Renfrew was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Pursued by a gang of hoods, forced to choose between a bullet and a watery death, she leapt over the rail of a Bahama-bound cruiser. . . only to be swept into a thundering wall of mist. Carried to safety on the back of a dolphin, Tess awoke in the arms of a ravishingly handsome 18th-century pirate!

A bold buccaneer battling danger and desire

Captain Dane Blackwell was intrigued by the woman he'd fished from the briny depths. . . enflamed by her fiery spirit and bold sensuality. His prisoner, his prize, she would said with him on his quest for vengeance - and the treasure that was rightfully his. Though his seaswept enchantress came from a place he could never know, he'd risk life itself to keep her with him always, defying the past, the future. . . and time itself!

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