Night Lace

Night Lace by Emma Merritt

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Emma Merritt

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Scotland (TT)

by Emma Merritt
ISBN #0-8217-5251-0
$5.50 U.S. / $6.50 Can.

Now . . .

Seeking a cure for a mysterious new virus, devoted doctor Beth Balfour travels to a far-off Scottish castle to find a remedy described in an ancient text: a delicate, silvery flower called Night lace. It exists, to her dismay, only in the portrait of a seductive eleventh-century laird. Struck by a sudden feeling of d??vu, Beth reaches out to touch the picture . . . and tumbles through a rift in time!

Then . . .

A conspiracy against his king has loyal subject and Highlander Lawren mae Galloway pacing the halls of his splendid castle, looking every inch the dangerous warlock his enemies whisper he is. But before the night is over, a stunning upstart of a woman claiming to be from another century will call him other things: scoundrel, bully - beloved . . .


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