Not Quite an Angel

Not Quite an Angel by Bobby Hutchinson

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by Bobby Hutchinson
Silhouette Time Twist
ISBN #0-373-51234-1
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

A Fated Future

The most exciting thing to happen to twenty-sixth century scholar Sameh Smith was being teleported to the earth of the past. But her journey was not supposed to lead her to Adam Hawkins, a man who seared her soul while striving to uncover her every secret.

Though she looked like a angel, hard-bitten investigator Adam would not be swayed in his mission to find out who Sameh truly was. Hired to check into her past, he found Sameh didn't seem to have one! Yet he felt compelled to be part of her future.

With her time in this world running short, they soon found a passion beyond limits. Would fate grant them more than mere moments together and allow them to decide their own destiny?


    "Let me kiss you here - and here . . ."

    Adam didn't hear her soft protest. He was on fire, filled with smug triumph, an artist at seduction.
    Between one breath and the next, the pain hit him in the groin. It lasted an eternity that was only fifteen seconds on the dashboard clock. Gasping for breath, he dared to straighten up, terrified the pain would strike again.
    "I think maybe we ought to go back now," he said, trying to prepare himself for the next attack.
    "Adam?" Sameh's voice was tentative. "There's nothing wrong with you. I just wanted you to let me go, but you wouldn't listen. Even in this time in history, you should know to pay attention to what the other person is saying. I used an energy bolt, just a small one, really. I aimed at your arms, but I guess I'm not very good at it."
    Adam felt exhausted and confused. If he had the sense God gave a goat, he'd cut and run - fast. instead, he said, "Will you have dinner with me on Monday?"

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