Once a Cavalier

Once a Cavalier by Linda Johnston

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Linda O. Johnston

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by Linda O. Johnston
ISBN 0-515-12847-3
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

Dr. Larryn Maeller, in London for a medical conference, is staying at Seldrake House - an ancestral mansion that once belonged to the duke of Seldrake. A portrait featuring the duke and his dog - a Cavalier King Charles spaniel - hangs in the house, and Larryn finds herself oddly drawn to it. Awakened one night by a dog's bark, she follows the sound to the roof - where she finds the spirit of the duke fading into the mist . . .

The Year of Our Lord, 1666. Larryn steps out of the fog to find Thomas Northby, duke of Seldrake - but now his body is as solid as the ground beneath her feet. Somehow she's been transported back to a dangerous time when the dreaded Great Plague was a reality. The duke, a medical doctor himself, has secretly opened his home to children threatened by the disease. Her first responsibility is to the little ones. But Larryn cannot help but be drawn to the mysterious duke - whose heart harbors a tragedy only love can heal . . .


Spectral Visitor

Larryn had to be dreaming.
    But she continued to watch as the apparition of the duke paced before the carved desk that had probably once been his. Seldrake wasn't dressed in the picture's black velvet coat, but instead wore a gleaming white shirt with sleeves that billowed as he moved. His trousers stopped below his knee, and muscular calves filled out silky stockings. His shoes had a gleaming buckle.
    His hair appeared even longer than in the picture. It was parted in the center and curved down his shoulders in a mass of masculine waves that rippled as he walked.
    Suddenly the pacing stopped. The duke's mouth opened. "I can heed her no longer," he said.
    Seldrake headed toward the door. So did his dog. So did Larryn . . .

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