Once a Gambler

Once a Gambler by Carrie Hudson

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Carrie Hudson

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Carrie Hudson
Harlequin Blaze #461
April 2009
ISBN 0373794657
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.
Series - Stolen From Time #2

A rough-'n-tumble gambler who knows when - and who - to throw down . . .

A riverboat card man, Jake Gannon is about as no-good as they come - despite that good-looking hotness that can make a gal's skirts twirl in most unladylike ways. Suspected to be traveling under an assumed name, Jake has a mighty troublesome past, and was last seen in the company of one fiery filly who goes by the name of Ellie Winslow . . .

But Ellie ain't no ordinary looker. No sir, she landed here in 1876 by accident and is looking for her sister . . .and some answers. But first she needs to find a way off this here steamer with a man who fascinates her more every minute - a man who's about to teach her just how wild the West can be.


    "Take off your clothes," Jake ordered her

    "I will not," Ellie retorted.
    He pulled his gun out of his holster and cocked the hammer. "You're not leaving this room until I get back what you stole. Now, do it."
    Something shifted in her eyes. Something catlike and unsettling. "All right," she agreed, unbuttoning her denim britches. "But first you have to tell me one thing. Where exactly are we and how do I get back to Deadwood?"
    "That's two things."
    She smiled slowly. "Fine. One piece of clothing for each answer, then."
    "We're on the Natchez, a steamer, heading for St. Louis."
    She slid her pants down and kicked them out of the way. "That's one."
    Jake didn't react. He couldn't. He was too busy staring at what she was - or rather wasn't - wearing.
    "What?" she shifted to give him a better view. "You've never seen a thong before."

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