Quinn's Way

Quinn's Way by Rebecca Flanders

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by Rebecca Flanders
Silhouette Time Twist
ISBN #0-373-51228-7
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Worlds Apart

One wrong turn and twenty-fourth-century explorer Quinn had fallen through a crack in time - three hundred years in the past . . . and straight into the arms of the woman of his dreams. Now he was stranded in another time and entranced by Houston Malloy, the beauty who had taken him in.

She had never experienced anything like the sexy stranger who had tumbled into her world. Common sense told Houston he must be lying about who he truly was, yet his eyes, his touch compelled her to believe in something so extraordinary, she could scarcely breathe.

Though Quinn had found a peace all his quantum leaps had never granted him, a clock had begun to tick. If Quinn could not find a way back to his own time, he would have no tomorrows to share with Houston . . . for he would no longer exist.


"What are you staring at?"

Houston too a startled step back, "I beg your pardon, but it's not every day a man wearing a silver lame catsuit falls out of my apple tree. What are you doing here?"
    "Experiencing a crisis, if you don't mind."
    Houston looked around. No car, no horse, no motorcycle, not even a bungee cord from which he might have conceivably catapulted out of a hovering helicopter. She took a cautious, protective step back. "How did you get here?"
    He didn't glance up. "That's a rather complicated story."
    "Sky diver?" she asked, thinking out loud.
    No parachute.
    "You're making a movie!" Houston exclaimed suddenly. "That's it!"
    He looked at her, and she knew that wasn't it. He looked at her, and she knew a lot of things about him . . . That he had eyes that couldn't lie, a temper he didn't often show and the kind of face a woman wouldn't easily forget.

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