Tempest in Time

Tempest in Time by Eugenia Riley

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Eugenia Riley

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1/2 Present / Past

by Eugenia Riley
ISBN #0-505-52154-7
$5.50 U.S. / $6.50 Can. / $9.95 Aus.

1990's Career Girl

An assertive, independent business woman, Missy Monroe was having second thought about marrying gentle, gallant Jeff Dalton. What kind of marriage could she have with a man who left her feeling so blah?

1840's Blushing Bride

A shy timid Victorian virgin, Melissa Montgomery was terrified at the thought of her arranged marriage to arrogant, domineering Fabian Fontenot. How could she survive a wedding night with a man whose animal magnetism had her quaking in her boots?

Wrinkle in Time

Accidentally trading places and partners on their wedding day, Missy and her long-ago namesake each found herself in a bewildering new time, married to a husband she didn't know. And each would have to discover for herself whether she was part of an odd couple or a match made in heaven.

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