The Angel & The Outlaw

The Angel & The Outlaw by Madeline Baker

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Madeline Baker

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Madeline Baker
ISBN #0-8439-3931-1
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

The Outlaw's Angel

An outlaw, a horse thief, a man killer, J. T. Cutter wasn't surprised when he was strung up for his crimes. What amazed him was the heavenly being who granted him one year to change his wicked ways. Yet when he returned to his old life, he hoped to cram a whole lot of hell-raising into those twelve months no matter what the future held.

But even as J. T. headed back down the trail to damnation, a sharp-tongued beauty was making other plans for him. With the body of a temptress and the heart of a saint, Brandy was the only woman who could save J. T. And no matter what it took, she'd prove to him that the road to redemption could lead to rapturous bliss.

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