Then and Now

Then and Now by Willa Hix

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by Willa Hix
ISBN #0-515-12836-8
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

New York, December 1899. In the midst of preparations for her New Year's Eve Ball to celebrate the new century, Ginny Thornton's life begins to fall apart. Due to an unscrupulous business deal, she loses Malmaison, her family estate, to the Sutter clan. Then her husband, melancholic over their troubled finances, takes his own life, and Ginny's world comes to an end . . . or does it?

December 30, 1999. Ginny wakes up in her conservatory to discover that a hundred years have passed. Dr. Samuel Sutter, a descendant of the family she blames for her misfortunes, has been left in charge of Malmaison for the New Year's Eve party that will bring in funds for a complete renovation. Allowing people to believe she's the estate curator, Ginny hopes to find some clue that will give her back her home. But she cannot sustain her ruse indefinitely, and she finds herself drawn to the man whose name she hates above all else - but whose gentle nature has found its way into her heart . . .


Dress For The Ball

    She was a vision. His great-great-grandmother had been a beauty in her day, but nothing to compare with Ginny Thornton. The first thing he noticed was the way the gown accented the whiteness of her shoulders and neck. The second was that she moved as if she had been dressing in corsets and ballgowns all of her life.
    "You look lovely," he said and held out his hand to her.
    She laid hers delicately on top of his. She was wearing soft kid gloves that reached almost to her shoulders. There was something very erotic about those gloves. Perhaps it was the way they exposed only an inch of skin between the top of the glove and the wide shoulder straps of her gown. Perhaps it was the thought that came to him unexpectedly of what it might be like to peel the glove slowly down the length of her arm.
    "I think out guests have arrived," she said. "Shall we greet them?"
    He offered his arm, felt her hesitation before she placed her hand in the crook of his elbow, and together they walked the length of the room to greet their first guests.

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