The Outlaw

The Outlaw by JoAnn Ross

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Rogues Across Time

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JoAnn Ross

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by JoAnn Ross
Harlequin Temptation #585
May 1996
ISBN 0-373-25685-X
$3.50 U.S. / $3.99 Can.
Series - Rogues Across Time


Wolfe Longwalker: Proud of his heritage, he used words - as a writer - to battle the white man. His enemies used a more basic method: they were about to hang Wolfe for a crime he didn't commit.

So when Noel Giraudeau, a modern-day princess, found herself in 1896 Arizona, what else could she do except rescue Wolfe? But he was a man who didn't trust anyone, least of all a woman. On the run from the law, their passionate adventure quickly turned into something much more real. . . but Noe's destiny was back in her own time and Wolfe's was in his . . .

Dangerous to love, impossible to resist!

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