The Outlaw Heart

The Outlaw Heart by Vivian Knight-Jenkins

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Vivian Knight-Jenkins

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Vivian Knight-Jenkins
ISBN 0-505-52009-5
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can. / $9.95 Aus.

A professional stuntwoman, Caycee Hammond was used to working in a world of illusions. Pistol blanks firing around her and fake bottles breaking over her head  were tricks of the trade. But she couldn't believe her eyes when a routine stunt sent her back to an honest-to-goodness Old West bank robbery. And bandit Zachary Butler was far too handsome to be anything but a dream. Before Caycee knew it, she was dodging real bullets, outrunning the law, saving Zachary's life, and longing to share the desperado's bedroll. Torn between her need to return home and her desire for Zachary, Caycee had to chose between a loveless future and . . .

The Outlaw Heart


    "You taste wonderful," Caycee whispered in his ear.
    "Men don't taste wonderful," Zachary said, gallantly cushioning her back against the hard ground with his arms.
    "You do. It's the chemistry," she insisted, tilting her face so that her lips slid across his beard-shadowed cheek, ending in a tender collision with his lips.
    "The chemistry?" he muttered against her mouth.
    The sable hair on his chest teased at her ivory breasts as he stretched his warm, aroused body across the length of hers.
    "Yeah, the chemistry between us," she said. "It makes everything -"
    "-wonderful," he finished so softly that she sense rather than heard the word. "Easy. We have time," he rasped, smoothing her hair from her forehead in a caring caress.
    "I'm not so sure about that," she managed.

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