The Pirate and His Lady

The Pirate and His Lady by Margaret St. George

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Margaret St. George

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by Margaret St. George
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN #0-373-51194-9
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

He crossed time for her

Was she dreaming? Hours before the costumed "Pirate's Ball," Elizabeth Rawley witnessed a strange spectacle in the waters off Key West. She could have sworn she saw the Black Cutter, eighteenth-century warship, engaged in combat. The ship's treasure had been her obsession for years, but even more intriguing was the ship's legendary captain, a swashbuckling privateer who commanded the high seas and made women swoon.

Elizabeth knew she and Captain Richard Colter would have loved each other with a passion to rock the heavens. If only they hadn't lived two hundred years apart. Then, on a moonlit beach, she found a man washed ashore. A man whose eighteenth-century clothes were authentic. A man who truly looked like Richard Colter. A man very much alive.


It happened in a flash.

    Richard caught Elizabeth roughly by the waist and pulled her to her feet in a crushing embrace. His mouth covered hers in a hard passionate kiss that stunned Elizabeth and seared her to her toes.
    Never had she experienced anything like this. This was sheer lust, an explosion of attraction and desire. While his mouth plundered hers, she couldn't think; she could only feel and ache and want. It was the most totally physical moment of her life.
    Only the knowledge that she was seconds from surrendering brought her to her senses. If she didn't stop this right now, she was lost. Her hand came up and she slapped him hard across the face.
    He stood facing her, legs wide apart, his breathing labored. "Ye belong to me," he said in a hoarse voice, his eyes glittering on her. " Ye called me and I came. You're mine."

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