There and Now

There and Now by Linda Lael Miller

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Linda Lael Miller

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Linda Lael Miller
July 1992
ISBN #1-551-66283-3
$5.50 U.S.
Series - Beyond the Threshold

Heartsick from Seattle's rat race, Elisabeth McCartney sought her childhood haven, never suspecting the Pine River house harbored an escape hatch to an earlier era, its key the necklace she clutched to her chest...

Tumbling over the threshold and back in time, T-shirt clad Elisabeth scandalized formidable single father Jonathon Fortner, the virile Victorian whose bedchamber she broached. Jonathon's daunting demeanor bid her flee to the future... but his timeless sensuality serenaded her soul with a love song that would echo throughout eternity...

Beyond the Threshold

Linda Lael Miller's romantic tales of love everlasting - in this century and the last. Rush to step over the threshold into a time when love stirred the soul

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