Time and Tide

Time and Tide by Eve Gladstone

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by Eve Gladstone
ISBN #0-373-22295-5
$2.99 U.S. / $3.50 Can.

The devil and the deep blue sea

Thoroughly modern Bree Kealy was obsessed by a legend. Over a century ago, amid rumors of dark betrayal and bitter revenge, devilish seafarer Alexander Devane went down with his doomed clipper. Yet now his restless spirit plundered Bree's dreams . . . claiming shocking intimacies . . . vowing to one day make her his.

Bree's heart cried out for her spectral, ancestral lover. And, as if spawned by the throbbing surf, Alec Devon appeared. With his pirate-black hair, his glistening sinews, Alec was maleness incarnate. And Bree felt a shiver of . . . recognition. Had Alexander Devane defied time and tide to come for her? And would their mortal embrace rewrite his cruel fate? Or erase Bree's future?


All around Bree the air tingled

    "Alexander!" she called. "Are you here? Are you truly here?"
    Standing at the edge of the cliff, Bree held her breath. But she heard only the waves breaking against the rocks.
    Still, surely he was there. "Alexander, you must hear me! Just give me a sign."
    Her words were cast back at her as though not even the gods believed in the power of faith. Blast. Coming to Marauder's Point had been an exercise in illusion, in trying to make real the stuff of dreams.
    "Alexander!" she shouted again, defiant now. "I was a fool to believe in you! I'm not in love with you! So get out of my dreams!"
    Suddenly thunder rolled. A slash of lightening split the sky.
    And Bree watched in horror as the waves below - the very sea that had swallowed Alexander Devane a century and a half before - seemed to rear up in fury . . .

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