Timeless Warrior

Timeless Warrior by Georgina Gentry

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Georgina Gentry

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Georgina Gentry
ISBN #0-8217-5283-9
$5.50 U.S. / $6.50 Can.

Timeless Legend

It is a painting with a ghost in it - according to the guidebook in the Pawnee museum. Journalist Blossom Ann Murdock, in Oklahoma to research her family's roots, thought the painting might spark a good article. Now, as shadowy images seem to flicker and move, she glimpses the figure of a majestic Indian warrior within the frame, his eyes filled with torment, his powerful arms outstretched...

Timeless Love

Suddenly, Blossom finds herself wrapped in the embrace of a Pawnee brave named Warcry. The modern world has vanished. Surrounding her is a rugged frontier where two tribes are locked in deadly conflict... where a white woman's love for an Indian is forbidden... and where Blossom knows she has kissed Warcry before, ridden by his side, slept in his arms. Theirs was a love lost in the past, two hearts separated too soon. Until they're given a chance to defy fate - and to let their passions flame anew...

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