Timeswept Rogue

Timeswept Rogue by Amy J. Fetzer

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Amy J. Fetzer

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by Amy J. Fetzer
ISBN #0-8217-5456-4
$5.50 U.S. / $7.00 Can.

In 1789, sea captain Ramsey O'Keefe is a man among men, hardened in battle and fearless in feats of daring. But he will need all the courage he possesses when a capricious fate sweeps him over two hundred years into the future.

Frantically searching for a friend lost at sea, modern day movie star Penelope Hamilton rescues a handsome stranger from the treacherous waters of the Caribbean. . . and trembles with something more than fear.

A man caught between two lifetimes. A woman harboring a treacherous secret. Worlds apart, they are irresistibly drawn together by a love that sets them both on a collision course with destiny. . .a love that will prove limitless in it's passion - and infinitely more dangerous. . .

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