To Tame A Rogue

To Tame A Rogue by Linda Kay

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Linda Kay

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England 19th c. (TT)

by Linda Kay
ISBN 0-8217-6989-9
$5.99 U.S. / $7.99 Can.

A Lady Out Of Time

When Arden St. Clare enlisted the services of the Any Time, Any Place travel agency to help her plan the vacation of her fantasies, she never dreamed she would actually be transported back to charming Regency England. Arden is thrilled to be attending a London Season, but trouble follows when she arrives just in time to save a young Duke from the hands of kidnappers. Almack's and the glittering ton must wait while she's thrust into a daring plot that will place her fate in the hands of a notorious rogue who hires her as a governess to the rescued boy.

A Gentleman With No Time To Lose

Harsh and cynical from the rigors of war, Captain Royce Warrick is prepared to marry his betrothed and tend his estates. But someone is plotting to murder his young ward and suddenly, out of nowhere, appears a beautiful stranger playing havoc with his sensibilities and his passions. Though he's not quite sure if the mysterious Arden is friend or foe, he's drawn to her in ways he cannot deny. And only time will tell if this most unusual woman will be his to claim forever . . .


To Kiss A Rogue

    "I should find another place to hide. If William finds us together, there won't be a winner. We both lose."
    "Not necessarily." Pulling his hand free, Royce used one finger to tilt up her chin. Before she realized what he intended, his mouth covered hers.
    He didn't kiss like a St. Clare. Not that she'd ever been French kissed by any of her relations, but she was sure no St. Clare kissed like this. No stuffy, self-righteous lord could know how to make her shiver with longing with just his mouth. This must be the rogue. Only a rogue would be able to dissolve her bones with his lips. And his wicked tongue. And his hands, one holding her face, the other . . . the other sliding down her neck . . . lower . . .
    Winding her arms around his neck, Arden melted into the kiss . . .

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