A Tryst in Time

Tryst In Time by Eugenia Riley

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Eugenia Riley

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American 19th c. (TT)

by Eugenia Riley
Leisure Timeswept Romance
ISBN 0-8439-3198-1
$4.50 US / $5.50 Can.


Belle Fontaine was a relic of Louisiana's gracious past, a crumbling Civil War plantation house, where shadowy images seemed to flit between the shifting pools of sunlight, and haunting melodies echoed through the empty rooms. For Sarah Jennings it was a refuge from the inconsolable sorrow of her brother's death in the Vietnam War, a place where she could lose herself in swirling dreams of a dark-eyed lover who called to her across the years...


Damien, too, had lost a brother to war-- the War Between the States-- but in Sarah's soft embrace he found a sweet ecstasy that made life worth living again. If only he could fathom the mystery surrounding her arrival at Belle Fontaine, if only he knew whether they were to share more than a brief tryst in time.

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