Unforgotten by Tamara Leigh

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Tamara Leigh

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England (TT)

by Tamara Leigh
ISBN 0-06-108448-4
$5.50 U.S. / $7.50 Can.

Lady of Legend

Catherine had dreamed that she would die, cut down by her castle's attackers. So who was this mysterious stranger before her now who cheated fate by stopping the mortal blow? And how did he manage to lay siege to her heart, which she had always believed far more securely guarded than even her precious home?

Lord of Destiny

In the twentieth century, Collier's mistake had cost him the love of his life. Yet now he found himself in a medieval battle, face-to-face with a beautiful woman who was the image of his beloved. Was he somehow being offered an opportunity to redeem his error . . . and regain his heart's desire?


Forbidden Taste

    Catherine could not bring herself to heed the warnings whispering through her. Just for this moment she vowed, then never again. Tomorrow Collier would be her enemy the same as before.
    Lightly, he trailed his fingers up her neck, then down again.
    A strange tremble skipped through her. She had never been touched as he touched her, but she could not find it in her to stop him - not even when he lifted her chin and found her mouth in the dark.
    Wine. That was how Collier tasted. Heady. A slow trickle that kindled her senses and warmed places she had not known were cold.
    "I won't lose you again," he spoke against her lips.

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