When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes by Kristin Hannah

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Kristin Hannah

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American West 19th c. (TT)

by Kristin Hannah
ISBN 0-449-14908-0
$4.99 US / $5.99 Can.

A Man Lost in The Past
A Woman Lose in Time . . .

Romance writer Alaina Costanza has given up on dreams and fairy tales. Then one storm-tossed, enchanted night she is plunged in time to the wild Western world of her newest novel. Disoriented and disbelieving, she is kidnapped by her own character, a ruthless outlaw known only as Killian.

At first Alaina is not afraid. After all, she wrote this story, invented the notoriously sexy Killian. Now she's matching him hard-bitten word for word . . . until she is hit with the shock of her life: this is all too real. Once wisecracking and invincible, she is now a mother desperate to return to the child she left behind - one hundred years in the future.

Thrown together by fate, Alaina and Killian will discover a love too magnificent to last a single lifetime. But even magic has a price, and time is running out. For the sake of Alaina's child, they must risk it all and fight for a future that depends on lightning striking . . . twice.

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